KRB RMLF Funding

KRB, with funding support from the World Bank, conducted a capacity building workshop for county governments in Kenya .

COVID-19 Resources

Find KRB's latest information and resources in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.. Read more

Allocation Of Funds 2021/2022

KSHs. 26,592,551,020


KSHs. 14,590,870,343


KSHs. 6,651,970,473


KSHs. 651,338,776


KSHs. 6,513,387,755


Featured Works:


Customer Delivery Service Charter

This Charter outlines our commitments to providing quality services to our customers. It provides information on how you can comment on our services and on the charter itself.


Highway Safety and Performance Programs

Helping improve safety for public roadway users

Road Conditions Mix

Over the last ten years, the Government has invested heavily in road development and maintenance. This has resulted in an overall improvement of the road conditions. While the poor network has declined from 58.87% to 37.01% the recorded figure is still significant and requires a big investment to bring that network to maintain standards.

Road Conditions Mix

Road Sector Innovations

Roads 2000 Strategic Plan. It is a framework for implementation of R2000 Programme nationwide. This strategy is concerned with rapidly bringing roads to a maintainable standard with the optimum use of local resources.

Road Networks

Kenya Roads Boards intends to map the newly constructed and upgraded roads and to update the conditions information for the entire road network and major structures Read more

About Kenya Roads Board

The Kenya Roads Board (KRB) was established through an Act of Parliament, KRB ACT No. 7, in 1999 and was given presidential assent on 6 th January 2000 . The Act commenced on 1 st July 2000 and the Board of Directors was appointed.