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Thematic AreaSub ThemeTitleInstitutionResearch Year
Pavement InventoryPavement assessment of Thuchi-Nkubu Road B6 roadMTRD2006
Drainage structures and bridgesCrackingCracks Investigation of a Box culvert at Km 4+750 along Ilasit-Olkiloriti/Njukini RoadMTRD2005
MaintenanceUnpaved Roads Maintenance Study of Unsealed Roads – Dust Emission from Unpaved Roads in KenyaMTRD1983
MaintenanceUnpaved Roads The Kenya Maintenance Study of Unpaved Roads – Research on DeteriorationMTRD1981-1983
MaintenanceUnpaved Roads The Kenya Maintenance Study of Unpaved Roads – Optimum Maintenance StrategiesMTRD1981-1983
Pavementsoil additivesSoil Additives - Road packer and Soil-Consolidation RPS; investigation of Effects on Soil for Road-building purposesMTRD1970
PavementFailures and strengtheningInvestigation of Failures and Report on Pavement StrengtheningMTRD1966-1968
GeotechnicalEmbankmentsPenetrometric Investigation of High EmbankmentsMTRD1976
PavementstrengtheningStrengthening of Flexible Roads in the Tropics; the use of Deflection MeasurementsMTRD1971
Road Furniture Road marking paintDerivation of Specification on Road Marking Paints and Proposed Field Trials in Kenya.MTRD1970
Pavementstabilized soilsExperimental Stabilized-Soil Road, Makuyu, after one year in serviceMTRD1958-1959
Pavement strength testingTechniques to Estimate Pavement Bearing Capacity in Kenya – Study and Assessment of Benkleman beam, Dynaflect and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer testing equipment.MTRD1984
Pavementstabilized soilsStabilization of soils with Reynolds Road Packer (RRP).MTRD1980
GeotechnicalCollapsible SoilsCollapsible soils in KenyaMTRD1987
PavementbinderAn evaluation of binder ageing in KenyaMTRD1986
GeotechnicalLL Determination of Liquid Limit (LL) using Cone-Penetrometer and Casagrande method for some Kenyan SoilsMTRD1986
GeotechnicalSPT/SuStandard Penetration Test, SPT (N) Versus Shear Strength (Su) for Cohesive Soil (Clay)MTRD1985
PavementsurfacingThe Effect of tyre pressure on the Road Deterioration in Kenya with emphasis on Low traffic Roads with Thin Bituminous Surfacings.MTRD1987
Pavement RoughnessRoughness Measurements of the Paved Road NetworkMTRD1978-1983
PavementSurfacingEarly Performance of Some experimental Bituminous Overlays in KenyaMTRD1978-1983
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsAlternative Soils Stabilizers-Anyway (RBI)MTRD2005 (Ongoing)
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsAlternative Soils Stabilizers-PermazymeMTRD2005 (Ongoing)
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsAlternative Soils Stabilizers-SuperpaveMTRD2005 (Ongoing)
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsAlternative Soils Stabilizers-NovocreteMTRD2008-2015 Ongoing
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsAlternative Soils Stabilizers-ProbaseMTRDOngoing
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsAlternative Soils Stabilizers-PavezymeMTRDOngoing
PavementconcreteDowel Jointed Plain Concrete PavementMTRDOngoing
StudiesInstitutionalRoad Research Unit OrganizationMTRD1975
PavementdesignBitumen Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1972
Pavementcondition surveyA standard procedure for a Pavement Condition Survey and a Preliminary Overlay Design methodMTRD1974
PavementDesign-unpavedGravel Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1968
PavementDesign-pavedBitumen Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1969
PavementDesign-pavedBitumen Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1969
PavementDesign-pavedGravel Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1969
PavementDesign-pavedBitumen Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1969
Pavement constructionInvestigation of Pavement ConstructionMTRD1966
Pavement investigationInvestigation of Failure and Pavement Design for proposed new constructionMTRD1966
PavementTrial sectionsExperimental Sections at Mau SummitMTRD1957-1962
PavementDesign-pavedBitumen Standard Pavement DesignMTRD1969
Pavementlife cycle Excessive Axle Loading Curtailment of Road Pavement LifeMTRD1973
Road FurnitureRoad marking paintPaint Testing: Comparison of Artificial and Natural WeatheringMTRD1967-1969
PavementSurfacingRoad Surfacing PremixMTRD1968
Geotechnicalstabilized soilsMTRD1968
PavementstrengtheningInvestigation of Failures and Report on Pavement StrengtheningMTRD1968
Pavementearth slipsPort Reitz Airport, Mombasa - Earth slipsMTRD1968
Transport & TrafficoverloadingOverloading on Nakuru-Malaba RoadMTRD1977
Monitoring Performance monitoringAssessment of the Nairobi - Mombasa RoadMTRD1977
PavementassessmentAssessment of Low Standard Roads - Assessment of Lanet-Dundori RoadMTRD1978
PavementassessmentAssessment of Low Standard Roads - Assessment of Naivasha-Kinangop Road (C67-D393)MTRD1977
PavementassessmentAssessment of Low Standard Roads - Assessment of Nakuru-Solai RoadMTRD1977
Road FurnitureRoad marking paintRoad Marking Paint Failures on Mombasa AirportMTRD1977
GeotechnicalEmbankmentInvestigation of an embankment failure - Njoro-Mau Summit road (C56) (Elburgon fill)MTRD1976
ICTcomputer programmeTwo Computer Programmes for Road Maintenance and ResearchMTRD1974
PavementassessmentAssessment of Low Standard Roads - Assessment of Nakuru-Solai RoadMTRD1978
Transport &Trafficweight statisticsEvaluation of Vehicle Weight StatisticsMTRD1976
Studiesstone studyNyeri Area Stone SurveyMTRD1972
Studiesstone studyMombasa-Nairobi Road Stone SurveyMTRD1973
Studiesstone studyNorth Coast Stone SurveyMTRD1974
Studiesstone studyKisumu Area Stone SurveyMTRD1973
Monitoring Performance monitoringMakutano-Muranga Road - Report on Karugia section FailureMTRD
Studiesgravel studyReport on a visit to Kwale District, Kenya for a survey of Gravel Resources for the rural access roads construction programmeMTRD1978
Pavementsubgrade Tana Basin Road Project Phase II - Hola-Garsen-Malindi (B8) Road, Results of Full-Scale for Lime-Improved subgrade.MTRD1999
PavementsurfacingExperimental Bitumen-Mackinnon RoadMTRD1999
Transport & TrafficRural TransportThuchi-Nkubu Road Evaluation Study: A Baseline Study of Rural Transport ServicesMTRD1983
Transport & TrafficTravel DemandThuchi-Nkubu Road Evaluation Study: Rural Passenger Travel Demand, SurveysMTRD1983
Transport & TrafficTraffic DataThuchi-Nkubu Road Evaluation Study: Baseline and First Year Traffic DataMTRD1983
GeotechnicalRed coffee soilCase History of Some Examples of Engineering Problems encountered in the Red Clay soil.MTRD1983-1990
StudiesHydraulic bindersHydraulic binders (with motor strength less than 42.5N/mm2)MTRDOngoing
Studiesstabilized gravelBitumen Stabilized GravelMTRDOngoing
Studiesstabilized gravelFoamed Bitumen Stabilized GravelMTRDOngoing
PavementSurfacingLow Cost Surfacing for Semi-Arid Areas MOW/NRRL project 1977-1980 Turkana Road Trial Sections 1978 Performance.MTRD1977-1978
StudiesstabilizationUyole-Tukuyu Road, Tanganyika-Stabilization of Volcanic ashMTRD1984
Studies dry compactionAn Investigation into the Dry Compaction of Lateritic Sandy Gravel.MTRD1977-1978
Pavementbase materialsKenya Low Volume Roads Study - An Investigation into the use of Lateritic and other locally occurring materials as bases for bituminous-surfaced low volume roads – Report on the Completion of the Phase I Programme - Volume IIIMTRD1985
PavementassessmentTurbo-Webuye Road-Assessment of the condition and proposals for remedial measuresMTRD1976
GeotechnicalGeo-syntheticPerformance Evaluation of Geo-synthetic -Reinforced Earth wallsMTRD
Geotechnicalembankments & PavementsStudies of GRI on Embankments and PavementsMTRD1987-2013
PavementLow volume sealsKEN-042 Study on low volume roadsMTRD1982-1985 – resumed in 2010
GeotechnicalstabilizersResearch trials on alternative stabilizersMTRD2005-2008
PavementLow cost roadsResearch trials on labour intensive low cost bitumen surfaced pavementsMTRD2013
DesignDCPDCP Design MethodMTRD2011-2012
Design low volume roadsPavement Design Guidelines for low volume sealed roads in KenyaMTRD2014
PavementsurfacingStudy of performance of locally available quartz gravel utilized as stone material in the surfacingMTRD1982-1989
StudiesLow standard roadsAssessment of low standard roadsMTRD1984
PavementoverlayPavement Evaluation and Overlay designMTRD2008-2009
Transport & TrafficTransportationTransportation study for ore movements from Kimwasor Flourspar mineMTRD1972
PavementunpavedUn-surfaced Base InvestigationsMTRD1983-1984
Transport &Traffic PoliciesCurrent road policy issues in Kenya with particular reference to axle load limits, Road User charges and Road SafetyMTRD1981
GeotechnicalfoundationFoundation conditions in Red soilMTRD1969
Studies Research survey on transport1983 World Survey of Current Research and Development On Roads and Road TransportMTRD1980-1983
PavementDCPAn Investigation to determine the structural capacity and rehabilitation utilization of a road pavement using the pavement dynamic cone penetrometerTransvaal Roads Department1980-1982
PavementmaterialsAn Investigation into the use of Lateritic and other locally occurring materials as bases for bituminous-surfaced low volume roads.MTRD
PavementsurfacingA study of Bitumen and Bituminous mixes for Road pavements in KenyaMTRD
Studies surface dressingMTRD1975-1982
Geotechnicalfailure studyInvestigations into the likely causes of failure of the Embankment at Mikindani on A109 roadMTRD1982
PavementoverlayA preliminary Investigation and Assessment of the overlay strengthening requirements and defects of the paved areas at JKIA, NairobiMTRD1986
Transport & Trafficweight statisticsEvaluation of Vehicle weight statistics in Kenya for the period 1977-1984MTRD1977-1984
PavementoverlayPreliminary Report on strengthening of the Nairobi-Mombasa roadMTRD
Transport & Traffic economic analysisAn Improved Data Base for Estimating Vehicle Operating Costs in Developing CountriesMTRD1972
Transport & Trafficeconomic analysisRoad Deterioration Parameters for Estimating Vehicle Operating Costs in Developing CountriesMTRD1976
Transport & TrafficmodellingRevision 1 of the Road Transport Investment ModelMTRD1976
Transport & Trafficeconomic analysisThe Kenya Road Transport Cost Study: Research on Vehicle Operating CostsMTRD1975
Drainage Structures and bridgesflood estimationA Reservoir Model Alternative To The Unit Hydrograph For Flood EstimationMTRD1973
Transport & TrafficaccidentsA Study of Accident Rates in Developing CountriesMTRD1968
Transport & Trafficvehicle counterExperience with The Fischer and Porter Vehicle-Counter under Tropical ConditionsMTRD1968
PavementcrackingThe Relation between Soil Shrinkage and the Development Of Surface Cracks in an Experimental Road in Kenya MTRD1966
PavementdeflectionMeasurement Of Pavement Deflections In Tropical And Sub-Tropical ClimatesMTRD1980
StudiescompactionThe Compaction of Soils and Stabilized Base on Roads in East AfricaMTRD1974
Transport & TrafficaccidentsAn Analysis of Road Accidents in Kenya in 1972MTRD1972
Design Pavement designPavement Design on the Bulbul-Ngong RoadMTRD1969
PavementinvestigationInspection of Juja Road and Laikipia Air Force Base Road MTRD2000
PavementUnpaved gravel roadGravelling Programme in Kiminini AreaMTRD1976
Design Unpaved gravel roadGravel Standard Pavement Design MTRD
PavementsurfacingResearch on the repairing and resealing of roadsMTRD1997-2001
PavementTraffic/ evaluationTraffic Flow and Pavement Evaluation on the London- Airport Road MTRD1980
GeotechnicalbridgeGeotechnical Investigation for Bridge SiteMTRD2001
GeotechnicalbridgeGeotechnical Investigation for FootbridgesMTRD2001
Maintenance investigationInvestigations on the repairing and traffic growth on roadsMTRD2002
Drainage Structures and bridges investigationInvestigations of Nginyang BridgeMTRD2002
StudiesquarryStone Quarry sites in Nyeri MTRD1972
PavementinvestigationInvestigations on Early Road FailuresMTRD2001
Studies Stone studyNorth Coast Stone Survey MTRD1974
PavementGCS investigationReport on Pavement Failures & construction problems with GCS BaseMTRD1992
StudiesquarryRe-evaluation of Rock Quarries MTRD1982
StudiesgravelA study on Gravel Deposits for the Rural Access Roads construction ProgrammeMTRD1978
PavementinvestigationInvestigations on failure of Kakamega-Broderick falls road MTRD1970
PavementinvestigationAssessment of the condition and proposals for remedial measuresMTRD1976
GeotechnicalembankmentsStudy of Red Clay Highway Embankments with reference to Collapse and Cracking(1987)MTRD1987
Geotechnicalred soilProblems of Red Coffee Soils in KenyaMTRD1987
Studiesroads investmentThe TRRL road investment model for developing countries (RTIM2)MTRD1974
Studiesroads investmentA road transport investment model for developing countriesMTRD1975
Transport & TraffictravelA study of household travel in the Meru District of KenyaMTRD1982-1989
Transport &Trafficcar ownershipCar Ownership and use in KenyaMTRD1981-1982
Transport & TrafficfuelEffect of prices on petrol and diesel sales in KenyaMTRD1981-1982
Drainage Structures and bridgestimber BridgeThe Kenyan low cost modular timber bridgeMTRD1981
Transport & Trafficeconomic analysisVehicle operating costs in the Caribbean: an experimental study of vehicle performanceMTRD1982
Geotechnicalroad baseTensile And Compressive Strength Of Some Stabilized Road Bases In KenyaMTRD1973
PavementsurfacingDeflection-Temperature Relationships For Bituminous Road Surfacings In KenyaMTRD1980
PavementinvestigationPerformance of Sections of the Nairobi to Mombasa Road in KenyaMTRD1980
Transport & Trafficaxle loadsAxle-Loads on Paved Roads KenyaMTRD1971-1974
Transport & TraffictravelForecasting Rural Road Travel in Developing Countries from Studies of Land UseMTRD1977
Transport & TrafficaccidentsA Study of Accident Rates on Rural Roads in Developing CountriesMTRD1976
Transport & Trafficeconomic analysisTables for Estimating Vehicle Operating Costs on Rural Roads in Developing CountriesMTRD1976
Drainage Structures and bridgesflood modelThe TRRL East African Flood ModelMTRD1971-1975

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