Policies, Standards And Manuals For Road Maintenance

Roads Policies & Manuals Overview

These give standards and specification to which roads and bridges designs should adhere to. They comprise of:

Documents and Resources

The strategies involve the following:

Documents and Resources

The development of a road network cannot be complete without a sound and sustainable program for its maintenance.
There are three main processes that are in use.

  • Planning of Road Maintenance - Road Inventory and Condition Survey (RICS) used to assess the condition of a road.
  • Prioritization of Roads to be maintained - This is done with the involvement of Stakeholders for buy-in.
  • Funding for the Road Sector
    • Sources of funds for road maintenance -
      The main source of funding for road maintenance include Roads Maintenance Levy Fund and Transit Tolls, and is managed by KRB.
    • Sources of funds for road development -
      The main source of funds for roads development are: is; Government of Kenya, Development partners/Donors

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